A tarot card project which tell you how to get away from the death

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Book cover, Screen print



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내 장례식을 위한 초대장을 직접 만들어서, 친구들에게 보낸다. 정원에 큰 미로를 만들고 한 가운데서 사람들을 기다린다. 미로 속에 짓궂은 장난을 숨겨 놓는다. 덤불을 헤치고 흙묻은 얼굴로 나를 찾는 친구들을 맞이한다. 특별히 섭외해놓은 디제이의 음악에 맞춰 밤새 춤을 춘다. 곧이어 선물 증정식이 이루어진다. 어금니로 만든 반지, 심장으로 장식한 구두. 친구들은 내 선물을 받고 기뻐한다. 떠나는데 발가락 하나쯤 떼놓는게 별건가. 동이 틀 무렵 관에 들어가서 눕는다. 각자 어깨에 내가 누운 관을 매고 힘차게 걷는다. 아직 마지막 별이 반짝거릴때 새총나무 위에 관을 올린다. 하나, 둘, 셋! 하늘위로 쏘아올린다. 우는 사람은 아무도 없다.











Hello Let’s Draw People


Hello beautiful Let’s Draw people, finally reunion in JEJU island

started their trip with a vintage pose


This reminded me of the Little mermaid statue in Copenhagen


Today’s dress code: Bin

오늘의 드레스코드: 쓰레기통


I will still call you a pineapple!

사실은 작은양배추


Always wanted to be in poclain

차:지금 아니면 언제 포크레인에 들어가 볼 수 있겠어!?

효: 조심해 차차 그러다 퍼인다


Another vintage pose


I let down lots of dogs in Jeju… Here’s the first one whom I let down


You are like grown up from the plants

네. 저기에서 났어요. 저 뒤에서


Do you have a drive license?

No. But I wana drive. Do you have a license?

No.But I wana drive too

Okay let’s take turn


We went to this cute and tiny primary school and there were 6 guys visiting there.

Dani found that very interesting. They even took selfies together.


Another dog that I let down 내가 실망시킨 또다른 개




It’s not a cable. It’s a power of love

세진이는 스카이프로 윌과 데이트했다. 둘 사이를 튼튼한 케이블이 연결해주고 있으니까





Seoul picture.


I wanted to get my own Hanbock for the first time

한복 사고싶어


합성 아니에요


Back to Jeju picture. Sejin’s got the license! Doesn’t mean she knows how to drive tho



What a cool door!!!




They have no foot

WooF WooF! Meow Meow!



Dogs I just love you!!! Dogs are cute! Dogs are supposed to be loved! Dogs are smart! Dogs know they are cute! Dogs have warm bellies! Dogs’ paws smell nice! Dogs are kind! Yes I love dogs more than cats! And they love me too! -J

p.s – Don’t dare think you can make something with DAS air-hardening clay. It sucks.

cats wallpaperI don’t trust people who knock cats.  Cats have their own charm, and they are majestic and glorious to look at.  Plus, they are fun to draw because they lie down in so many funny positions.

The Girl with Curves


This is my current illustration that is  inspired by the blog, Like the title says, she has curves, and I love it. When I found the blog I realized how beautiful curves could be. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t think curvy girls are not pretty but I have not seen confident, curvy girls often. Not to mention coming from Korea, which has very specific and unified standards in terms of women’s beauty. My Korean friends always say that they have to diet. Until just a few years ago, I was one of them. Most Korean girls want to be as skinny as a model. The thing is not only the girls themselves, but also their family, men in their lives, and society keep telling them they have to be skinny because they are women. In this society curvy girls can not exude with self-confidence. It’s such a shame. Personally, I do think any type of body and face could be pretty and have its own style. I think women don’t have to be ‘pretty’. They all need to be free from all the judgements of them. Anyway, what I want to tell my friends through this illustration is that you still look good with curves, so don’t think a short skirt is only for a skinny girl! Do not hesitate when you go shopping. Look at this gorgeous woman. She might weight more than normal “model” but she’s still adorable in any outfit.

Diandra Draws

IMG_5548Greenwich Market readjusted


img001 (1)


I don’t know why getting me to post my art is like pulling teeth.  It’s so much like pulling teeth that I’ve waited until mid-February to post something on our beloved Sister Cafe.  Nonetheless, let me finally introduce to you a part of my identity which is the part of me that occasionally draws.

Drawing for me is going into a fist fight with myself every time I pick up a pencil.  It’s battling all my insecurities about my abilities and fears about failure.  It has such significant power over me that it’s a living, breathing thing that prevents me from nurturing it past what it is now.  Drawing as a career is too self-indulgent and not fulfilling enough to make it a career, but I wish I could have more control over it and just simply let it make me feel happy.  What is art to me?  It’s a relatively new development in human history that art is used as a tool for expressing oneself, but making art is a fascinating act because it’s a privilege and one of the wonders of being a human being.  A piece of art work to me is saying, “Hello.  I exist, and I am human and alive”.  And what scares me the most in looking at my art work is seeing something that is dead and lifeless; seeing something that is meaningless, worthless, and the worst, pointless.  Posting my creations, for me, is not telling people, “Hey, look at what a great artist I am”, but more like, “Please tell me, other humans, that you see some worth in this”.  I guess I’m still trying to find the meaning in doing it.  It’s one big conflicting matter.  At one end, it makes me feel human, but at the same time I still don’t understand what the point of it is.

Continue to watch this space for future works to 1) continue to watch Diandra put it all out there 2) see new drawings

– D